Biomass Briquetting Press India is high quality Custom Fasteners

Published on 07/12,2019

Biomass Briquetting Press India is high quality Custom Fasteners the way to generate Renewable energy. Now a days environment become big issue. Different industries release different kind of waste products which harms the environment that cause serious problem like pollution and global warming. Biomass Briquetting Machine convert these waste product into renewable energy and protect the environment.

Everyone agree with this fact that coin has a two side like that these industries has two side positive and negative. The negative side is the waste material dumped into environment. To solve this problem Briquetting Plant Manufacturer and Briquetting Plant Exporter put Briquetting Press to solve this problem. This Bio Coal Briquette Press convert waste product into solid fuel. Different industries release different waste lie wood industries have wood chips or saw dust, paper industries release waste paper product other waste material are groundnut sells, baggasse, cotton Salk, forest leaves etc.

The product called Biomass Briquetting made from waste material can further use for energy purpose in place of fossil fuel to save natural resources. There are many Biomass Briquetting project are developed. If you are going to install your own Briquette Machine plant than first you should hire gud professionals team to operate Briquette Machine. As, you are not familiar with how to operate the machine bur you should be up with the information and jobs of that particular operator.

We supply piston/ram type Biomass Briquetting Equipment from India. Our Briquette Machine are mechanical ram or piston type presses with high production capacity from 600 to 1600 Kg per hour with 60mm to 90mm diameter solid cylindrical briquette logs. Rawmaterial can be any type of agricultural wastes, wood wastes and forestry wastes. Our Briquetting Plants are installed in india and overses.

Every year millions of tons of agricultural and forestry wastes are generated which are either destroyed or burnt inefficiently in loose form causing air pollution. These wastes can be recycled & can provide a renewable source of energy by converting biomass waste into high density - fuel briquettes using briquetting press. Briquetting is the development process where the selected raw material is compacted under soaring pressure by briquetting press machines. Squander resources can develop into valuable minor raw materials formerly they are briquetted.

We offer our client an excellent quality range of Brequetting machine because we manufacturing the machine in a one rood with 85 to 90 % of its parts are manufactured at our plant with advance & highly technological machineries like VMC, CNC, Boring and VLT Machine. We are not the assembler but we are the real manufacturer of biomass briquetting plant. We offer the best competitive price compare to others with world class quality.

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